The Couple

Throughout my life I have had the distinct ability to quickly focus all of my attention towards a single purpose and then instantly spread my concentration across an infinite amount of tasks. While many argue this is due to a severe case of ADHD, I maintain that it is simply a result of having passion. When I met Ashley over 3 years ago, it wasn’t love at first sight, it wasn’t something you would read in “50 Shades of Grey”, it was simply…passion. The excitement I felt then and continue to feel each and every day has taken me down a path that few ever experience. I am lucky to have Ashley, my best friend, my fiancé, but more importantly - my single focus

Craig is one of the most spontaneous, passionate, patient, determined, and romantic (ah…did you see my proposal?) man I have met in my life. His drive and passion for life, success and love is contagious to everyone he meets. His willingness to help still amazes me to this day…I am so proud of what we have, and will cherish it for the rest of my life. He is my best friend, biggest cheerleader, live-in chef, and most importantly my soul mate. I’m counting down the days…until he is my husband.

The Bridal Party

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